Add some field on a search box

Good day, my fellows, I´m in the “apply credit memo” screen and when I click the Document Button, I see a search box, in which I would like to add a field, is this possible?


Yes. Make a BAQ and enable it for BAQ searches.

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Quick Search

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I think the OP was more interested in increasing the number columns returned, over having more or different fields to search on.

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Right but as far as I know you still can’t do that in base you either need a quick search or advanced search or BAQ search etc no?


Advanced search is my goto for this - it has more options over just a quicksearch or baq. You can completely customize the criteria as well as the displayed results.

@Chris_Conn is there a way to set the Advanced Search as default instead of the Base one when clicking the Project button?


or does the user need to select it from the Advanced tab?


I know you can set a Quick Search as the base (or as the base for this specific form\context), not so sure about Advanced Search though. At a minimum, you should be able to place your own button over that one and use code to call the Advanced Search.

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Yeap I believe the button option would work.

Thanks @Chris_Conn!