Add UD Table to RDD

I’m working with a crystal report for a purchase order. I’ve added a UD table with 50 records. I’m just looking to have to POForm RDD pull its normal data along with all the records from the UD table. So far I’ve made a duplicate of the POForm RDD, added the UD table to the RDD, selected the 3 fields I wish to display on the report, and excluded all the others. I feel like I’m missing the part that tells to RDD to grab all the records from the table. Any suggestions?

You need to add a relationship between one of the Existing RDD tables and your new one. (Add New Relationship)
Even if its just Comopany = Company

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Thats what I thought, I tried adding it to company on POHeader and the report stopped generating. Let me add that back and see.

Ah such a simple mistake. I excluded all of the fields except the 3 that I wanted to show on the report. When setting up the parent/child relationship I assumed since it showed my the company field in the drop down for the child I was good. The report stopped generating with a “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” Once I went in and un-excluded the company field on the UD table I was good to go.