Added Equip table to POHeader

Having an issue with my report. I needed to create a form off the PO Form for QA Calibration. I added the equip table and am getting tripped up on the relationships.
I have to add Model, Description and Serial Number. I attached two screenshots.
The error I’m getting is
Invalid column name ‘Equip_Model’.
Invalid column name ‘Equip_Description’.
Invalid column name ‘Equip_SerialNum’.)

You need to join the equipment table to the po detail table, not the header. You also need a second join to get back to the specific equipment id. I don’t have the maintenance module at this job, so not sure what it is. When the PO is created, what is in the part number field?

Not sure I follow the second join part.

Also, for realtionship what is needed to be added? Company - Company but not sure what else to add.

PODetail.PartNum is the part number field.

Yes, is the Equipment ID what gets populated in the PartNum field?

Additionally, are you using the functionality in the Maintenance Module that automatically creates a PO Suggestion when a piece of equipment needs to be serviced by a third party?