Adding Hire Date

Does anyone know to add the employee hire date in the Employee Maintenance?

Welcome Steve!

There’s a field in the EmpBasic table called “Enrollment Date”… I don’t think it’s displayed by default on any of the screens in the Employee program but it can be put there with a customization. Are you on-prem or Epicor SaaS, and if on-prem which version are you using?

Hi Erine,
Thank you Sir, we found it!! I greatly appreciate your help!!!

We are are on-prem and are using Kinetic 2022.9

Thanks again!!

Do you know if this a newer field? I’m on 10 and I don’t have an Enrollment Date on EmpBasic. We adding a HireDate UD field to EmpBasic but just curious when we move to Kinetic here in a couple months if it might be beneficial to switch to this one.

I don’t remember ever looking for it before, so it’s possible it was part of the Payroll module and not included in the core (but that’s just a guess). As far as I know there isn’t any logic attached to it in the current Kinetic version, but it would probably be a good idea to move your existing data to the new field to take advantage of whatever might happen in the future.