Adding link to websites from Epicor in E10.2 as done in E9

Are we able to add tabs to connect to chosen websites from Epicor in E10.2 as done in E9 or is it by adding through Search panel and how would we do this? Thanks for your help in advance,
Joy Fekkes
Jaco, Inc

You can add web URL links through menu maintenance as new menu items. Id imagine you could add URL links in new tabs as a new field or using the script editor.

Instead of tabs you would add a website tile to the active homepage:
-Select the ‘Edit’ button on the active homepage
-If you want the tile in a new group click on the ‘Add Group’ button and give it a name
-Select the ‘+’ on the group you want to add the tile.
-Select ‘Website’ from the type dropdown
-Select either the ‘link’ or ‘embed’ option, you probably want ‘embed’
-Enter the URL of the site and a title and click OK.
-Resize the group and the containing tile as you would like.
-Click on the ‘Save’ button.
If the site can be opened in the tile it will, if not, click on the Tile Title to open the site.
I have found that replacing website tabs with website titles along the top of the active homepage pretty closely simulates the same behavior. Just need to click on the Home icon to get back to the Active Home page.
(BTW - you can still use the classic menu and it’s tabs if necessary.)

Thank you!! I thought I was on my way to creating this, but when I tried to Save, it does not Save and it leaves me with the Edit screen. I am still able to work in Epicor though. The only way to close the Edit Screen is to click Undo. Hmmmm…
We have two versions of our database conversions which we are using for testing (going live Oct 1). One does allow me to create but the latest one we converted does not? We may have set something up incorrectly or missed something? Any ideas?

Thank you.

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