Adding partial components to production order?

How do you add a component in a production order if you don’t need a full quantity of 1 per each assembly?

Example, the production order quantity is 15 total assemblies but you only need to add 8 of a component.

Is there a fixed qty check box on the job’s material detail in that version? Checking it should copy qty/parent directly over to required qty without multiplying by assembly number.

Changing the qty/parent of the original component to a fixed qty of 7 and adding a new line for the replacement component with a fixed qty/parent of 8 should cover you.

We’d then follow up with an issued complete on the original line if they already have been.

I’m on a different version so can’t 100% say this is the fix for you, but hopefully it will at least point in the right general direction.

Thank you so much for your response, Jeff! I don’t see that as an option in either Assembly Maintenance or Production Order Entry. Is there possibly another screen I should be checking?