Job Qty vs Production Qty

Hello Folks,

I just to understand the root cause and correction of this issue.

For example below - the job was initially created for 2184 pcs but then they ended up manufacturing (reporting) 4634 pcs total (108 parts rejected off the job, leaving 4526 pcs going into inventory). Plant 1 Supervisors updated the job qty to 4634 pcs so they could mark it complete for closure but when they did, the Production Qty did not change - it shows 4536? One of the attachments below says the material requirements saying we need less than what was backflushed to the job. The other shows the job in job tracker and highlights the numbers I am referring to here.

I have not come across this in a while but now have 2 jobs for Plant 1 that I cannot close. I want to know;

1.) Why or how does this happen?
2.) Can it be fixed or corrected?

To change prod qty, you have to un-engineer the job and change it right there in Job Entry Demand tabs. Personally, I don’t touch that field unless we’re doing a job split or actually inc/dec planned qty on the job by significant amount. It’s the nominal planned qty. It’s okay if actual qty is a bit over/under, especially on large runs of small items.

To adjust completed qty, go into job adjustment, find the last op and adjust qty up and down as required. You can also go into T&E entry and tweak the qty claimed on individual labor entries.

Received qty comes from the job receipt transaction. You can’t really undo those.


We run the “Production Yield Recalculation” process every night to handle these situations. The process updates a job’s production quantity based on the quantities reported on completed operations. The “Production Yield” checkbox needs to be checked on the job for it to work.


Hi, Adam. We are trying to use Production Yield to run every couple of minutes. We had some direction to submit to Startup on Task Agent. The process fires, but never seems to find any jobs to adjust unless we recycle the Task Agent. When we do, it finds some and then no longer can find any. I’ve now manually submitted the process to run Now–and each time it finds the adjustments. Have you had any issues with the process recalcing? How did you schedule the process (using intermittent, startup, etc?) Any advice is helpful. Thank you!

Hi Donna,

That schedule type you are using, “startup”, is likely the issue. I’ve never seen that type used, but it looks like it will only run when the task agent starts, which isn’t very often (in our environment at least). We are using a “Daily” schedule type for this, but if you want to run it every few minutes you can try that “Interval” option and specify the minutes there in “System Agent Maintenance”.

Thank you, Adam. The funny thing is that I couldn’t submit the Process – Epicor gave me an error that the process had to be submitted to the Startup. There’s also two modifiers – Continuous process and Recurring process. When you added to your Daily schedule, did you mark the process as “recurring”?

No problem. We have both those checkboxes checked. Not sure what the continuous processing option actually does, but the recurring checkbox will allow the report to continue to run on the schedule, rather than just once.