Adding UD Field to Part Maintenance


To get a little background, we had Epicor create a few UD fields for us - one is a simple True/False if a Part is Sellable, the other is highlighted as well. However, I’m having issues adding it to Part Maintenance. I can see it in a BAQ and update the value that way, but I can’t find it when going through DeveloperMode -> Tools -> Customization -> Toolbox -> EpiCheckbox -> Select EpiBinding

The other UD field is there however (ServJobPart_c). My thinking is that in the BAQ there are two column #259s but I could be wrong…this is a bit out of my knowledge of Epicor. :slightly_smiling_face:

You should be able to use the Administration Console to Regenerate the Data Model on your Database and then Recycle the App Pool on your Application Server. It appears this step was missed.

@kyle.l said, “…we had Epicor create a few UD fields for us…”, and his profile is SaaS MT. So Epicor will have to do it.

And very strange that two fields have the same column#


I’m guessing the gaps in the Col# are from it being MT, and those hidden ones belong to other tenants.

Just curious, What shows in Data Dictionary Viewer for table Part_UD ?

And FWIW - the Part table’s last Seq# is 249 (LocationFormatID) - at least for version 10.2.300