Extended UD Field

I created a UD field using the Extended UD Table Maintenance. I pulled the Part table and created a new column called PAX. I stopped my appservers and ran the UD Schema then restarted appserver. I was able to add the PAX field to the Part screen but it will not let me edit it. It is in a read only mode and I have no idea why. Any thoughts?

What version are you running on? 9.05.702a on SQL?

I assume when you ran the UD Schema you got a successful message? Does the table still show in Extended User Defined Table Maintenance and did it get created in SQL / Progress with the default columns plus your custom column? Does the count of rows in dbo.Part_UD match dbo.Part?

I got the one working on dbo.Part_UD working. I needed to fill in the initial value. At least that is what made it work.

I have another one on the VendPBrk table. There are no user fields so I have to do it this way. I have done everything but it will not let me edit it…

We are on 9.05.702A SQL and yes ran the US Schema and shows in Extended Table and whey I was to bind it on the customization.