Advanced Quality Module - IQS (TruBox)


We are looking into the Advanced Quality Module and are wondering if anyone out there is willing to share contact information or would share some pro’s and con’s that you have found. I was told the previous versions of IQS weren’t worth the problems it caused but the TruBox version may be better. We are on the 10.1.600 version and we also understand that it may not integrate until we are on 10.2. Any information that you could provide would be helpful.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Brandon, did you ever get any more information regarding IQS and epicor? We’re on 10.600 and would love to know if you had any success, or if you have any lessons learned.

Best regards, David

We viewed a demo of the product. The integration with Epicor is limited. Given the expense of the product we have opened up our search and are now looking at QMS and EHS systems.