Advent of Code

Anybody else participating this year in the Advent of Code event? I was introduced to it last year, and am trying to make it farther than day 4 this time :smiley:


That’s kind of cool. I made it through day one. Wonder how long it will be before I forget. Can you catch up on days?

1680621-971def8b Here’s a private leader Board code for us EpiUsers.

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FWIW, I’ve found on Advent Calendars, not only can you catch up but you can get way ahead too. For example, I’m already on February 22 on this one.


Was only curious that’s all


Yeah you can catch up on days if you let them go by. Even catch up on previous years! Also joined the leaderboard.

I could see using this as a test for hiring - we’ve had degreed masters who couldn’t program or project manage their way out of a wet paper bag, and this might be a better test than their degree (oh, I went there…)

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woah, this gets harder pretty fast. Starting on the day 4 now. It’s a fairly involved puzzle to solve!

yeaah. last year they threw in some multidimensional array stuff and it got me good last time lol

escalated quickly :owl:

multidimensional arrays, nice

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Once you sit down and think about what’s going on its not to bad. just brushes off the old college textbox problems you thought you wouldn’t encounter in the real world. And i still never have outside of challenges :smiley:

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Hahaha that’s exactly what it made me think of, college textbook problems.


Hahaha Mark, spot on! I have been learning about no sql databases in my Azure Fundamentals class and I would love to have an app that didn’t use a hierarchical database or work with data that isn’t hierarchical… just to stop the recursion.

@utaylor oh yes - been doing the MongoDB “courses” and really seems like with today’s serializer / deserializers you could speed things up a lot

Funny, I was just thinking about a Microsoft video from a decade ago when they first started allowing blobs in DBs, poking fun at NoSQL concepts and the like, something about a DBA having a scrooge-esque nightmare and waking up to find that MS had bought Great Plains and all was well… or something… I think it was re. the launch of SQL2012

Pretty wild Steve!

Welcome to the randomly accessed memories/voices in my head… :roll_eyes::yum:

ima need @Jason_Woods to calm down. smoking everybody out here :laughing:

The first 3 days I did in Excel. So much easier… The new ones were a lot of code, but once I saw the math work, I saw some could have been a lot simpler. But refactoring one time use code is not my cup o’ tea…