Another BarTender with Kinetic Cloud question

We are Kinetic Cloud based. Had the BarTender folks install the system for us, had Epicor create the FTP Folder for file drop processing and tested it worked “Functionally”.
Creating my first label and .btw file.
Created a Report Style and have the Output Location correctly set to our FTP Site path.
When previewing the report, I see it populate the cloud FTP File, Bartender Integration processes the file then it renames it to .failed as expected so the Integration is working and it is processing.
The error indicates that it cannot find the .btw file.

Kind of a duh moment, but since the “Report Location” on the Report Style is the usual “reports/YellowLabel.btw” like in the old days when on-prem, I am assuming that BarTender cannot find our cloud location for .btw files.

I created a label design within the BarTender designer, save it on the BarTender license server and also in the FTP folder just for fun, but it still fails.

BarTender Support has had me send the logs, changing the ‘/’ to a '' on the Report Location but still no luck.
It seems they are not aware either, that we are in Cloud and what the path is to the .btw file.

Whew, long winded I know, but I guess the question is where to put the .btw file and what path to use on the Report Style?

All processes seem to be functioning except where it looks for the file.


Yes, indeed putting our LOCAL server path in the Report Location field populates the .bt file so it picks up the label.
Next is figuring out where it get’s the PRN “” location from. It “Should” pick that up from the Workstation and Printer I am using, but still TBD. Got a label to print at least manually by manipulating the file.

…Comes from the Report Style Report Location …Still gotta figure out where it gets the printer path from.
%BTW% /AF=“\bartender\reportfiles\YellowReceiptLabel.btw” /D=“” /PRN=“” /DBTEXTHEADER=3 /R=3 /P


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Printer path comes from the users workstation default label printer (device) if your auto print widget is set to use default printer, otherwise you can set a network printer as a constant in the widget

I have the Label Printer defined on the workstation and selecting the workstation as default for my login.
I am printing “Print Tags” from Receipt Entry for a PO and instead of Printing (since network printers do not show in the list, only Local even though company config has show Network and Local) I click “Generate Only” and label gets sent to BarTender folder and is picked up for printing by the Integration.
I don’t see an Autoprint Widget you speak of, where do I find that setting or widget?
Are you launching it from a BPM or Breaking/Routing Rules?

Appreciate the help!

Oh I thought you were triggering the labels through a bpm. You can also get the default printer to populate what you are doing. You would need to create a pre proc method directive for the BO that is called when clicking generate. Then write some code to get the user’s workstation and default printer then populate the printer name in the BO dataset.

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