Anybody using backflush on parts and preventing negative quantities on part class

We have just gone live and it seemed like putting the stop on the part class was a good idea but as our parts are backflush for any low volume part we could do things out of sequence and end up negative. I’ve just had a receipt error come in due to an issue with a PO but as we are negative on hand right now we can’t delete the receiving. The receiving even got stuck as soon as they added the lines i.e. before hitting save.

That’s the problem with preventing negatives. It ONLY works if you do everything in 100% the right order, or you have a buffer stock that basically allows you to go below your minimum set. It’s sounds good in theory, but is hard to do 100% correct all of the time. If you allow negatives, and it didn’t go negative because someone did something they shouldn’t have, it usually ends up shaking out in the end.

On caveat to that though, is that costing gets updated when parts are received into inventory. So while the quantities will self correct once all of the transactions are done, if the issue to job is done before the parts are received, then they will have the old cost before the receipt updates it. Not a big deal if you use the same parts a lot so that the cost is populated, but causes problems with new parts.

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Thanks Brandon. I am thinking about allowing negatives but with a BPM to prevent shipping going negative as that is where the main risk is.

As far as the receiving issue, we have run into this. My fix is to just create a new line on the pack and “over receive” the PO. Then delete the first line. I wouldn’t change your part class to allow negatives for this instance as it’s an exception.

Thanks Mindi. That’s good to know.

@Matt_Belshaw We do, but backflush is not going to honor the stop on part class and some of our backflush quantities are guestimates. We have Crib stock (real on hand, receipts go here) and Floor stock (where we backflush from) We true up the Floor weekly to what is actually there, zero out any negatives and transfer quantities from the Crib to Floor stock.

From KB0075001 below

There are exceptions that may allow an action to continue even if it results in a negative on hand balance. These exceptions are the following:
• Job backflushing - a resource or a resource group is set up with a backflushing warehouse, bin, and job materials.
• Kanban receipts - a Bill of Material’s component will backflush.
• Job closing - backflushes remaining materials.
• Reverse Receipt Transactions - Because they are corrections to prior receipts the system will allow them to process.

This KB KB0112460 has a long list of where it can backflush from and concludes it won’t go negative.

As I am prepping 11.1.200 for go live I did a test and in my setup it still allows negatives.