Anyone have info on moving servers?

I am going to move ECM to a new server. Anyone have any documentation on how to do it?

@jkane ECM and or SQL? From what version to and from? The process has been steadily getting better. I moved the sql dbs from my old sql to the new one and just did the install in 21.x and it worked. If you are changing the SQL location there is the manual updating of the Astria_Host database CompanyInstance table that does not get updated by rerunning the install wizard.

Going from 21 to 22 I installed the EclipseServerSetup and it upgraded itself and downloaded and installed all of the other installs. It is possible I never had to remove the old ones in the past.

Per @MikeGross’s advice make copies of all of the .config files in all of the Eclipse folders. I also went thru the ECM server config wizard and took screen shots.

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SQL Server: 2012 R2 → 2019
ECM: 17.52.38655 → 22.1.81

The SQL Upgrade is going to include the separation of SSRS. It’s now a separate install and you need to migrate all your customer reports manually, if you have any, as this might just be SQL for ECM. It too is very straightforward and MS has a great link for it (that I just posted the other day for someone else) :slight_smile: Migrate a Reporting Services Installation (Native Mode) - SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) | Microsoft Learn.

I would do the OS upgrade first, if it isn’t already 2019. That can be done in-place and is easy.
Then I would tackle the SQL upgrade and separate SSRS install if it’s needed.

Then like @gpayne said, the ECM upgrade is easy, and in-place as well. I’ve never removed a previous version, I just run the new installer and it works well. If you’re doing IDC as well, you will need to confirm a few things so having copies of the config files helps. Those links he shared should cover it all.

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