Anyone use EKW from Biscit? Got a question

We are testing out the POD capability on our new kinetic environment and the find route functionality just returns an error instead of showing a nice map with a route.

Do we need a google maps api account or something? Or is there a Kinetic module that we do not have that is causing this? Cannot find anything in the docs and thought I would ask here before going through the process of opening a ticket with Epicor.


We use EKW but we don’t use the routing capabiltiy. Can you walk me through how to get there and I’ll do some prodding on our side.?

Sure, it’s under the POD stage menu option.

You select a date, and it shows all available packing slips for that date and then you can select the ones you want to deliver and on the route tab it’s supposed to show you the best order to deliver them in.

Check this out from the Biscit Wiki

Thanks for having a look :slight_smile:

Have you set the Depot Address setting in EKW? You can find it under “Settings > Proof Of Delivery”.

If you have and you are still getting an error, would you be able to share the error message?

yep, sure have.

Well, what the actual f…

The app just logged out so I re-authenticated through azure AD, entered an employee number and now the damn things loading the maps?!?!?!?!?!

Literally changed nothing, just logged back in again same as I have several time’s today.

Guess that’s a “never mind” then :man_shrugging:

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