Anyone using Epicor 10 Cloud Americas

Is anyone here using Epicor 10 Cloud (in Americas)? If so, I’m curious if you’re experiencing the same as us…

For the last several days performance has been abysmal to the point we are unable to run our factory.
I have escalated support tickets open (no resolutions other than they are looking into the problem) and I can see the occasional update on regarding this issue (but not everyday like they should be).

I’m hoping someone has an inside scoop. Anyone?

I’m on MT - haven’t notice it being any worse

On Cloud America. I can vouch for poor performance the past few days. We also sent support tickets.
Sorry no inside details to pass along. My bet is on Iran…

Waiting to hear the root cause as well. It has been a rough week and a couple of Mondays in a row which were worse for us than the most recent disruption. Microsoft Teams was down for us this morning as well. Azure Issues?

I’m starting to digest the details of our SLA. They are quick to respond that this isn’t an “outage” but at this level of impact, they would be hard pressed to be able to defend that. We’ve got over 150+ factory works and an entire office staff stagnated by this issue. Ownership is not please to say the least.

In the past has anyone heard of recompense options that we issued? If so, in what flavor? Or, if not, what other recourse was taken?

where can i find pricing on the cloud offering from Epicor?

They are needlessly secretive about prices. You have to get that information from your Epicor account rep. Sorry. :disappointed:

I thought as much, on another note is anyone using epicor cloud for any custom external applications within the production environment.

I have application which read job data and some other fields in Epicor 9 and pushes data back in to JobHead.Character10 field… can this sort of thing be done in the cloud environment.

Yes, you would use REST to do a POST. With Epicor Functions, I would encapsulate all the logic in a function then just call that function in a REST call.

Mark W.


I forgot to follow up on this and coming back to post the RCA we received:

… a Microsoft SQL Server instance was intentionally restarted as part of planned maintenance. During the reboot, previously compiled SQL query plans (which improve the performance of the application) were unexpectedly deleted. The issue did not manifest itself until users attempted to utilize the system on the next morning, at which point Microsoft SQL Server began to recompile the query plans as queries were made. This is a highly resource intensive effort that created system contention. Some customers experienced residual performance impacts the following two days…

… for us, “residual performance impacts” meant we were down. The UI was useless. We could not process orders or jobs; 350 people sat twiddling fingers. It was bad …

Epicor is developing code to recompile SQL query plans immediately after a restart, and before users access the application. This enhancement is scheduled to go-live before the next scheduled maintenance window.

For the record we received 4 RCAs for the period when this happened over the course of 4 weeks. Apparently the SQL code fix took awhile to get right/implemented before we saw improvements. Since then, we’ve been running smoothly w/o issue.

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