AP Payment Problems

10.2.600.5 Has anyone experienced problems with payment printing? since this last cloud update my client has had problems with checks not printing or printing incorrectly.
Case being established but I wanted to check in here for other feedback.


Did you customize your check? If so, try the standard check (on plain paper or PDF Printer). If not, what kind of error is showing in the system monitor?

No standard checks. No custom.

Are you getting any errors in the System Monitor?

Do you mean the print layout is incorrect, or is the check information incorrect?

No. Just the print shifted downward so the address runs over the MICR.

It’s strange in that it was fine before the latest update.

I have someone working with support on it.

Ok. You stated earlier that things were not printing. Is that still an issue?
As for the address, the simplest solution would be to edit the report. However, this isn’t the first time:

Thanks. I’ll pass this on.