AP Payment Terms

We have a supplier that is asking us to only pay them twice monthly. So, I am wanting to set their terms to something like Net 10th & 25th.
When testing this, I don’t see that I am able to do this in Epicor.
I was trying to get away from manually either manipulating the due date or just not selecting them on the off week when selecting invoices for payment.

Does anyone have any terms that you are currently using to pay a supplier biweekly?

You can choose the type “Day of the month” and enter the the date that invoices should be paid on. But I on’t think you can set it up to have 2 dates.

I thought maybe it could be setup with the pay date of the 25th, and add a discount for paid 15 days early (thus meaning the 10th). But it won’t allow a zero discount. :frowning:

Edit: You could put the smallest discount amount of 0.001% Which wouldn’t even kick in a a discount of $0.01, unless the invoice was over $1,000. Maybe you can convince the vendor that following their requested pay schedule requires you getting a discount. :wink: