APInvoiceSvc/APInvDtls REST not marking Receipt Detail as Invoiced

Hi All,

I am currently writing an API using the APInvoiceSvc/APInvDtls REST to match invoices to PO receipts.

The Invoice data is generated outside of Epicor and pulled in via the API I am working on.

Everything is working perfectly except for one small issue I cannot seem to find a solution for.

The invoice head and lines go in with out a hitch but the RcvDtl table is never updated with the Invoiced = true and the invoice num / line information.

I followed the trace log in detail with full datasets enabled. The BO listed on the trace is not available in REST.

Has anyone experienced this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

hello @bturner177 i use the previous reception to invoice the lines
check this collection of postman if it is useful for you