Application Studio - Help Needed

I’m currently doing research on Application studio. From what I’ve seen so far, it seems as though someone with customization and system manager privileges are required. I thought one of the key features of App Studio was to allow the end-user to customize then own views without the need for an admin and coding experience. Has anyone done a deep dive into this yet?

I think it depends on what you mean by “customize”.

In the classic forms, regular users can “personalize” their views, i.e. rearrange columns in grids and things like that.
That “personalization” is still an option in Kinetic.

If by “customize”, you mean remove/rearrange fields on a form then I believe you do have to check the “Customize Privileges” box on their user. I don’t believe being an administrator is required.

I will say based on my experience so far, removing and rearranging fields on a form is more intuitive and less technical in Kinetic than it was in Classic forms. It really is drag and drop or finding the “hide” flag and checking it. I wouldn’t let someone who knows nothing about technology or Epicor do it, but a reasonably proficient non-technical user should be able to do it. Especially if they were given a short training on the most common types of changes they would be making.