User Defined interfaces

I was wondering if I can manipulate an entry module to fit what the user needs. Say I take Job Entry and change it for my Sales team to show only specific items, would this also effect everyone else? I would like different departments to see Job Entry fields but the only see what they need to. Is this possible?

You can do this, if you are willing to go through work.

Generally, the process is to take the base form and create a new customization layer. Then create a new menu entry that uses that customization layer and assign the appropriate users to it using menu security. There is not really a limit on how many you can create, but it is going to create a burden with patches/upgrades and making changes as Epicor changes things.

I’ve not in Kinetic UI yet, but from what I know this is the same process, albeit a bit easier when it comes to upgrades. You might also consider using some features of Kinetic UI like ‘slide outs’ and separate ‘cards’ to create custom views of the fields and using an event to determine their visibility based on user group or something.

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