Apply unapplied cash receipt to a invoice

Hello everyone,

We have several posted and bank reconciled cash receipts that never got applied to an AR Invoice.

The AR invoice shows as “Unapplied Receipt”. Was hoping I could so a cash receipt adjustment, but it throws an error, I’m guessing because its already reconciled.

Is there any easy way to do this?


I found this in the Epicor KB:

Applying unapplied cash to an AR invoice:
This can be achieved by using the Apply Credit Memo option which is located within Accounts Receivable General Operations.

Navigate to:
Financial Management
Accounts Receivable
General Operations
Apply Credit Memo

Apply the Cash to the invoice:
Select ‘New document to apply’
Select Source Type: Credit Memo/Correction Invoice
Click Document
Search for and find the unapplied cash
Double click the unapplied cash you wish to use
Set the Amount to apply

Select ‘New Invoice’
Navigate to Detail Tab
click on Invoice button
select the Invoice you want to offset. (This can be repeated for multiple invoices)

Select Actions
Select Apply Credit Memo

The unapplied cash will then be applied to the selected invoice/s

You can also read the application help attached to the Apply Credit Memo screen.

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