APR and HTML/Logo Use

Just wondering if there have been any changes to APR and HTML on later versions. I have a request to send a copy of the Pack Slip to our customers on shipment, which I can do, but they want the subject of the email to include a link to our site (done with an HTML tag), clickable tracking number to go to the carriers site to see details, and links to socials.

I’m currently on 10.2.600, but moving to On-prem Kinetic this year. Can APR do this? If not, does Epicor offer something else that can?

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Logos - I’m sure you can’t embed images into the email structure… but…

(I’ve not done this, but it sounds possible)

HTML is really just formatted text that is interpreted on the other end (if supported). I do something similar with my SQL Task outputs, which are text, but allow me to embed the HTML table structure and Outlook renders it as HTML. I would assume that you could embed all the tags you need, included an image tag pointed at your website or somewhere, and get the email to look the way you want. I’m also assuming the Subject line will support a test string long enough to do this.

You should also be able to drop that data into a UD table and add it to the RDD to use the data dynamically in the APR script.

That was added and working in an early version of kinetic. I included that in my insights slide deck last year, it works nicely.
Basically, you can use an html editor and hand code last I checked. you can drop in RDD values into the code to link to tracking numbers and other data fields.


Just on this bit, I want to mention that I don’t know of any email client which interprets HTML inside the subject of an email.

And on the subject of using HTML with APR, it apparently works better in Kinetic, but in E10 adding field values to the body only works in a text email. A logo and a link to your website is easy enough, but not a link to a generated URL that will be different for each email—until you upgrade I guess (still haven’t yet, myself).

Thanks, that should have said they want the body of the email…

I attempted to get the field value inside of a URL via HTML yesterday to no avail. Looks like I’m putting the full <a href tag in a UD field and having it change to the appropriate URL based on carrier with the Tracking Number included in the URL.

It’s broken in e10. I was supposed to present that two years ago and instead ended up reporting the bug.
Inserting the field ls into HTML was busted for me.
Good in kinetic.