AR Aging Report not tying to correct GL account

We have two AR control codes - one for regular customers and one for I/C (same is true on the AP side). We created a new I/C partner and the AR invoice posted to the correct GL account, but it pulls to the regular AR aging and not the I/C AR aging report. How does this happen? Any ideas?

I am not aware of an IC aging report, only on the aging report you can filter by GL control. Is this a report you guys developed?

Easy fix. Just go to filter under your AR Aging and you should be able to filter by GL Control (Select your IC GL Control) and only customers with that GL Control should display in your aging.

Yes, Juan. That is the issue we run the Aged Receivables report with the filter on I/C GL Control Code but this one I/C invoice shows up on the Trade AR report not the I/C. We know the control code was in place when the invoice was posted since it correctly posted to the I/C GL account. I was trying to figure out if there is a second flag I need to set for it to be on the correct Aged Receivables report - I don’t remember having to before but it’s been a while since I set a new I/C partner up.