AR Check overpayment

You could allow invoices to be overpaid:

1. Navigate to System Management > Company Maintenance > Company.
2. Navigate to the Modules > All Modules > Localization > Detail sheet. 
3. Under AR Invoice Overpayment, select Allow Invoices to be overpaid. This allows the over-allocation of cash against an invoice, leaving it with a credit balance. The overpayment is left as a balance on the same chart of account (usually AR Chart of Account) as if it were an invoice. AR Apply Credit Memo and Write-off, and Adjustment routines allow application or write-off of an invoice overpayment.

In Epicor 9, has anyone come up with a best way to handle overpayments without having to issue a credit memo?  For instance, if I have an AR invoice in the amount of $100, and the customer sends me a check for $100.01, is there anything I can do without having to do all the work needed for issuing a CM for $0.01? Thanks