AR Over Payment / Write off $.01

We have a issue where we have customers paying us invoices that sometimes are off by a few pennies (over or under).

How do we deal with the over pays. Like overpay of $1.

I have the tolerance set 1.000000 in company config.
Set the default AR Rounding Difference set to the GL account.

I am missing something else as this isn’t working just yet.

Any help would be great.


There is an option to allow overpayment of invoices in company config.

Company Configuration-Detail Fields

Allow Invoices to be overpaid

Select to allow for over-allocation of cash against an invoice to leave it with a credit balance. The overpayment is left as a balance on the same chart of account (usually AR Chart of Account) as if it were an invoice. AR Apply Credit Memo and Write-off and Adjustment routines allow application or write-off of an invoice overpayment.