Customer Paid Twice

A customer paid us twice for the same invoice, once in 2020 and again in 2021. We need to debit cash and credit customer’s AR. However, Epicor has some limitations with prevent easily applying this cash.

I read Epi User link Customer paid us twice - #6 by system but am concerned about the bank reconciliation (cash entered through GL Journal does not hit bank rec) and the effect on commission calculations which are only based on AR invoices and not on manual journal entries.

We will run into the situation again and it seems like Epicor should be able to handle a double payment with ease rather than multi step process. I checked company config and can see allow AR overpayments checkbox is checked. Please help.

If you allowed the overpayment checkbox to be checked, then it doesn’t sound like a limitation.

Have you tried running a test scenario in your test environment using Reverse Cash Receipt Entry?

Path: Financial Management > Accounts Receivable > General Operations > Reverse Cash Receipt Entry

The 2020 payment was made in legacy ERP so original payment is not in Epicor to reverse. But your response got me thinking. The customer made payment on an Epicor invoice (call it invoice 2) so I reversed the cash receipt on invoice 2 (say $300). Then applied the payment from invoice 2 ($300) and invoice 1 overpayment (say $1,000) to invoice 2 even though I really wanted the overpayment to go to invoice 1. It worked! Thanks.

Glad I could get the gears turning. Go ahead and mark your response as the accepted solution so others can easily see.