AR Invoice Form Serial Number

Since our upgrade to 10.2.200 from 10.1.400, there have been some cases where the serial number is not being displayed on the ARInvoice report. This field is “Calc_Reference” and I don’t know where to check what’s being calculated. I could replace the field with a custom field pointing directly to a serial number, but as is, Calc_Reference will display many serial numbers if necessary, which would lose functionality if I replace it.

Nothing seems to be out of place or anything that would lead to finding the issue - it just doesn’t work some of the time.

Does anyone have ideas on this sort of behavior?

Do you have a modified SSRS that you use?

Does this work off the base RDD or one modified from the base in 10.1.400 or earlier?

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I always leave the default (usually named “Standard SSRS”) style availble just for users to test to see if it might be an updated RDD or updated SSRS Report