AR Invoice Posting makes the system very slow

AR Invoice Posting is making our system very slow. Any suggestion for the best practices for AR Invoice Posting would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Do you have logging turned on for that Transaction Type? (PE Log Viewer)

We are experiencing the same issue in an E9 environment. Did you ever find any workarounds on this topic?

The AR Header and AR Invoice detail tables are very large. What I cannot see if whether the posting logic looks through the entire table every-time to find an unposted invoice related to an already used Group ID that was previously posted?

I don’t believe that the GroupID serves any other purpose than to group the Invoices to be posted in this batch. I’ve never heard anything about avoiding re-using GroupID’s…

But just for clarity, we do have people use the following format for GroupID names:
nnmmdd where nn id the users initials, mm and dd are the month and day the group was created.

For example, ck1104 is what I would name a group I’ve created today.
ck for Calvin Krusen, 11 for Nov, and 04 for the 4th.

I’m pretty sure this system eventually uses duplicates (as the year isn’t specified), and we’ve not had issues.

Thanks Calvin. I tend to agree with you. Just trying to figure out why an AR Group of lets say 50 invoices takes 2 hours to post. There is also another 5 - 8 groups trying to post at the same time, but the groups were broken into smaller groups because of the extreme time to post.

Memory is not an issue so other then read/writes to the disc being an issue something else is causing the posting to slow down. There is a BPM in place that we are looking into so it just may be the culprit but so far disabling the BPM does not seem to make much of a difference

When we do not reuse AR group IDs it seems to make somewhat of an improvement but without being able to look at the code not sure if that is part of the logic causing the issue

Does the Edit list print quickly?

Seems that all the GLControls need to be applied when printing the edit list. So the logic required is run then, and should take the same time to print as it would to post.

There and change logs enabled any AR tables? They would be Data Directives.

When the posting is in process, do any details show in the System Monitor -> Active tab -> Details tab ?