Are there SSRS alternative?

Cloud print issues aside, I have not been impressed with the hoops you need to jump through to create and modify SSRS reports. I love how intuitive Epicor is, I have self learned a lot of things really quickly, but SSRS and Data Definition is this enigma that I have never been able to work with.

Does anyone use any 3rd parties for their paginated reports? or am I the only one wanting something different?

I’d really like a tool that I could create paginated reports with just rest connections to BAQs. Basically like I have been able to do with PowerBI for dashboards.

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Unfortunately, reporting is the “red headed step-child” for ERP systems (at least the ones that I’ve worked with).

Even though you may think these tools suck (and probably will find many are in agreement).
it is possible to get results you’ll need.
Users of this site typically can help with the Epicor idioms, along with basic SSRS info that is all over the web.

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You can try Tableau for Epicor Cloud also, By Connecting the Rest API of BAQ or any specific module.

This 100%! I come from an Access database background, where building out reports that work great and look beautiful is relatively easy. I think the reason they make it difficult is to keep programmers in business. If the end-user can easily create reports, then Epicor can’t sell you more customized reports.

With that out of the way, SSRS is actually useable. The folks on here helped me get a handle on the workflow quirks. If you have any pointed reporting questions, I am sure someone here can help nudge you in the right direction.

If there is a third party reporting choice that works well with Kinetic/Epicor, I would love to hear about it too!

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Yes, I always liked how easy it was to build queries in Access too.
Sometimes I still use it for prototyping “stuff”, so fast & easy to work out concepts.

On the other hand I have learned never to share Access in an enterprise.
As it tends to metastasize (like Excel), can quickly become an administrative nightmare.

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