Assembly pick list and query for where used to top level

I am a general manager at a facility that is currently under migration to ERP 10 and have several questions unanswered, but these are these are the top three;
-How do I know when all the components are in stock ready to pull for assembly operation?
-How do I search a lower level component to see every assembly it is used in?
-Is it possible to see all top level “where used” from a low level component?


I’m not 100% sure about your first question, but as for the other two there is the Where Used Report under Production Mangement > Engineering that will show you all of the parts/assemblies a component or raw material is used in. You can also run the report in Indented Mode so it will flow all the way up to the top-level parts.

There is also the Where Used window. When you have a Part open in Part Entry you can right-click and Open With… > Where Used. This will show you everywhere that part is used as a material or subassembly.

What @tsmith said… and look at the Production Planner Workbench (under Production Management > Job Management > General Operations) for a material availability dashboard.

And if you have the ShopVision module, there’s another version of Where Used that includes JobHead and JobMaterial too.

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