Attachment.Upload missing from BPM?

I am trying to use a BPM to automatically upload a file and attach it to a part rev. I have done a trace on what BO methods I need to call. However when i add in the invoke BO Method and select the attachment BO there is no Upload method available? Am i missing something??


Hi Brett,

If you look in the trace, you’ll see a different object uploading the file. Within Epicor, each file reference (to a folder, SharePoint, DocStar location) is put in the XFileRef table first and then THAT record is the one that is attached to each document like OrderHed, JobHead, etc.

Mark W.

To add: XFileRef for the file and XFileAttch for its attachment points.

I don’t think there’s an upload method because you only specify where the file is when you add the attachment record. You have to handle and file movements and file renaming with custom code.

- Steve

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look into Attachment service, there are methods for uploading attachments if they are configured to be stored by server side.
But if your company or document type configuration uses client side direct copy of attachments, then server part is not involved.

Thanks for the input everyone.

The trace i got used Attachment.Upload which i was hoping to call from an invoke BO Method node. however for what ever reason that is not available. I ended up using custom code to do the task (called the same BO’s as the trace log).