Could someone please let me know if there is a way to attach documents without going through a file? Like a direct attachment? We had our engineering dept move all our customer files that were attached to Epicor and now we cannot open them cause of this. Is there something we can do instead of going through a file?

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Create a BAQ for XFileRef table and export to Excel. Update the XFileName field to the new file location and then use DMT to update the XFileRef records in the table.


@taustin Did they move them and keep the file structure? In other words, did they keep all the files together in the same folder structure, just relocated the whole thing? If so, there is a way to fix this inside Epicor - Attachment Path Maintenance. This might be your answer to correct the problem. It does what @bmgarver is talking about, as long as there is no variation in structure in the new location.

As for other methods - there are a number of ways to attach files that would - for the most part - prevent this sort of thing from happening. ECM and SharePoint storage for starters, and if you’re on a newer ERP version, it will support cloud based locations for storage (Dropbox and Google Drive).