Auto Generate Suggestions

Hi everyone!

I’m doing the work of Generate Suggestions manually.
When I used a different ERP before, I remember that this was automatically done.
Is there a function that automatically generates at a set time?
If yes, in which menu and how should I set it?
Please help.

You first setup a schedule in the System Agent then before processing suggestions go down to Schedule in the Gen PO Sugg dialog, select the schedule you created in System Agent and also check the recurring checkbox, then click the Process button and Gen PO Sugg will now run on the defined schedule

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Thank you for your explanation. I set it up as you described.
So, from now on, there is no need to press the Process button on the Gen PO Sugg, and the process starts automatically at a set time every week, right?
I’m quite a beginner at Epicor. Thank you in advance!

Yes that is correct