Automated packing slip creation

Has anyone ever looked into this sort of functionality in E10? Was asked by upper management to look into if this can be automated in our environment and looking for inputs.


That is something I always wondered about because most of the time we know how we are going to package things and it seems odd that someone has to key it all in.

I’ve used counter sales without processing the invoice. maybe that works for you?

Are we talking automating the printing/generating of the packslip report? Or of automating the Customer Shipment Entry process?

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We’re trying to automate the customer shipment entry process

If you have the data already entered into the system somewhere and it just needs to be accumulated in customer shipment entry, and you can’t use counter sales as @bderuvo mentioned, then sure you can customize a workflow to collect all that data and generate the pack.

Your bane shall be exceptions. Upper management will like the idea, until they say well except when we ship to this customer on the third tuesday of every sunday then we need to do X LOL

If you have no exceptions well then… I envy you


It’s always like this…

except when it isn’t.

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Maybe i should have provided more detail, the idea was that packing slips would be generated daily, determined by the ship by date and quantity on hand (with a minimum safety stock). If the line can be fulfilled then that packing slip would be created.

So basically what is in the fulfillment workbench but the packout generated automatically then?

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Hmm, that looks promising, i believe what you said is what we’re looking for. Apologies for my lack of knowledge, we only started with Epicor in the beginning of last year so I’m not fully aware of Epicor’s full capabilities yet.

From Fulfillment workbench, i see that we can reserve quantities to fulfill an order, then release those lines to be picked out? I assume afterwards the packing slip would still need to be created manually correct?

As of today yes. But again, if all the data you need to create the pack is in the system somewhere you can custom code a workflow. Example on recent versions of Epicor you could even create an Epicor Function everyday at X time runs the fulfillment workbench query for that day, and creates the packs for everything showing 100%.

Easier said than done, but certainly possible in one way shape or form.

Or if you wanted it more discretionary you could even add a button to fulfillment workbench that creates the packs for selected lines in fulfillment workbench.

At the end of the day if you have the data you need any flow can be created. That’s the beauty of Epicor :smiley:

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It is indeed my friend!

The exceptions are where it gets messy. To me you would just delete the packs that get created via the standards and then do your own packs if there was an exception to the way you wanted to pack it.

@jdewitt6029 I always wanted to do this since we know the product and engineering decides how it will be packed. Easier said than done though.

If the Fulfillment workbench -> picking process is followed,
then creating a packslip is just 2 steps from the customer shipment entry.
Click on picked order that allows you to select the required picked lines and create pack.


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