Automatically Get Part Details in Job Entry

I created a bill of materials in the Engineering Workbench for a specific part revision.

Once that part (with the revision) gets into a job, the assemblies are empty and I always have to load them by clicking “Get details…” I would like to automate this.

I looked up the GetDetails method from the JobEntry BO.

I could call it in a method directive on JobHead, I think i’m on the right right track, but I am not sure how to go on with this.

Have you looked at Quick Job Entry to see if that would do what you need? You can access it from the Actions menu in Job Entry. You enter a Part and Revision and it pulls the method into a newly created job.

That is the right track. Call the job entry adapter, connect, GetByID the job number, GetNewJobProd, Get Details.

Use the trace or BL Tester to figure out the needed parameters.