AvaTax certificate issue

Anyone else having issues with Avatax today after Avalara installed their new SSL certs last night?

We have update to the new cert on our server but still receive error: unable to find valid certification path to requested target.

Kristine Fierce
Business Systems Analyst
Ag Leader Technology

We updated the certificate last week and haven’t had any issues yet. Did you install the certificate on all your appservers including task agents? Are you getting the error when you try to test the connection in Company configuration and did this just happen after the May 10th update?

Error started this morning after the May 10th update. We have installed the certificate on the app server.
We are currently running 9.05.702.

Are you still using the current Avalara URL https://avatax.avalara.net? You can try reinstalling the certificate and verifying it was added to the keystore. When did you do the initial install in Production?

We received instructions from support to fix the issue. Needed to go through a new cert install to work with progress.