Back out MES Report Qty

Our Shop floor users have asked how they can back out report qty when they make an error (e.g. they have reported the usual 600 bags, but this particular carton only contained 500). The users report qty every 10 - 15 minutes or so, so they can get complacent and many mistakes are made. I know that we can do it by recalling the transaction in Time and Expense Entry (once the activity has been ended) but that is not available to the shop floor users.

You can issue a negative QTY, like -100, to reflect reality of 500.

Report Qty and End Activity won’t accept a negative number that I’m aware of so you are kind of stuck going to time and expense or Job Adjustment. That being said we are trying to get our PLCs to do the counts for us so it’s non issue, because our bags have the same issue, the are produced out of thin air :slight_smile:

That’s not to say however you couldn’t build a fancy BPM that does what time and expense does, but it would require clocking them out of the job, recalling the record, changing the qty, submitting the record, then clocking them back into the activity to make it appear somewhat seamless to the end user.

Thanks Ben,
Yes. We discovered that too. What we would like to do though, is be able to dot hat from the MES

Thanks Joshua,
We are looking at implementing Mattec (we had PLC control of our qty in our legacy ERP system and want to have that with Epicor as well).

We talked to our consultant about this kind of approach but he thought it would be very difficult to do and prone to failure…

Difficult… yeah a fairly advanced BPM, prone to failure for sure not unless your business process varies widely. As long as you follow the same business logic as Epicor does in your manual steps automating those steps just takes the UI out of play.