How does one reverse a Kanban Receipt

Fellow Epicorians,

How does one reverse a Kanban Receipt? Example: When processing a Kanban Receipt, a quantity of 20 was entered in error rather that the correct quantity of 2. As a result, 18 more pieces were placed in inventory, and 18 times the quantity of components was taken out of inventory. How do you reverse the errant quantity of 18, reducing the quantity on hand for the top level item, and put all the components (18 times the quantity per parent of each component on the MoM) back into inventor?

I have tried to do it by entering a negative value in the quantity field, but Epicor rejects that as soon as I enter the minus symbol as a negative value. Please advise.

Try going to the time and expense entry that was created and change the quantity there. I believe, that will update everything. (this assumes you haven’t captured WIP yet, and locked that record)

and if it has you can do some sneaky stuff to reverse it…ie if you open the kanban job via job closing and then enter a negative qty via time and expense it will reverse the material. You will have to manually adjust the kanban part though. Make sure to complete and close the kanban job again.

actually rather than inv adjustment use the job receipt to inventory option (Inv Management–>gen ops). Enter a negative value :slight_smile: