Backflush with lot controlled part

Hi All,

How we have the solution for using backflush job material with LOT controlled part in Epicor Kinetic?

Ps. found this note —Backflush Prerequisites:
The part must be coded as backflush.
The part must have a primary warehouse and primary bin.
The material requirement must be attached to a job operation.
The operation must have a labor quantity reported against it.
Labor entry must be accurate and timely.
IMPORTANT ------>>>>> Serial number controlled, lot controlled, or dimensionally controlled inventory CANNOT be backflushed.

i think from a Buisines /proces side view this is actually not what you want as you do not know which lot or serial number to backflush.


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Have you looked at the Kan Ban capability? You CAN “backflush” and provide lot information. If the manufacturing process is relatively short (less than a day) then it can be a viable option.

@Mark_Wonsil Thanks,

I’m just a newbie so would be grateful if you could be more detailed.

I am not sure if you can write scripts or code but if you could get the job numbers and lots into a csv file you could use dmt to issue the material this is basically a backflush….

The only difference between newbies and not is experience! :wink:

How long is the manufacturing process, that is, how long is a job open? Does it have any outside operations?

I’m working with furniture company.

OK, how long is a job open?

@Mark_Wonsil 2-3 weeks

And for that entire time, only one material lot number is used for the job?

Not only one, hundreds of materials in furniture company.

Sorry, I guess what I’m asking, are we using more than one material lot per part? If so, lot traceability is somewhat meaningless. No?

Almost materials using lot to receive by warehouse operator.

I’m going to recap to make sure I understand:

  • Want to capture lots of purchased materials
  • Want to backflush lots (which Epicor does not do, only Kan Ban can but jobs are open too long for that)
  • Might be issuing multiple lots of a single part to one job. Yes, furniture has multiple parts but I am asking that for a single job, will part “A” have more than one lot issued to a single job over those two to three weeks? If so, that would make a recall much larger than needed since one wouldn’t know which lot was issued to a particular piece of furniture.

Am I misunderstanding the customer’s needs?

First off, what @Mark_Wonsil says is correct. If you are routinely issuing multiple lots of the same material to the same job, lot control is meaningless and you are causing yourself headaches for no reason.

Most of our jobs only use 1 lot per job, but sometimes it can be 2.

We backflush all materials except for 1, which is lot controlled.

The solution we currently use:

I have a BPM form that pops up at the end of labor actifity and prompts the operator for some info, including the lot # used for the job.

I use this data to populate a dashboard that shows all jobs that have been run with a balance of this lot controlled material waiting to be issued. The dashboard has 2 tabs, one is formatted for analysis, to highlight issues (operator data entry error, lot entered by operator at end of activity does not match lot currently at machine, etc) the second tab is formatted for DMT, so the user can, after resolving any issues, just export and upload.

This is as close as we have gotten to automating this annoying thing. I am reluctant to do this with code so I am interested in this discussion as well.