Backflushing Material

Hey yall, I am running into a backflushing issue. We have a few customer supplied materials that I have set up to backflush to a job. The material is backflushing, but it is doing it 2x. From what I read, Epicor will backflush material once an operation is complete, does it do that for SU, and production operations?

Example: I will have 50 pieces of material in stock, operator completes su on op 10, completes production on op 10, and 100 pcs are issued to the job, and it shows a -50 on hand qty in the warehouse.

Is there a setting I am missing, or something I need to change? ideally I want it to backflush material proportional to the qty they complete. So if on day 1 they complete 10 pcs, then 10 pcs is backflushed to the job. Does this make any sense? Thanks in advance for all the help!


Have you looked at the part history transaction tracker for this material?

Does it actually have two transactions?

Also you may want to run the production detail report to verify that the required qty is not 2x.


Brad Boes

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Found the issue… Complete user error, of course. It was backflushing correctly, but it was being issued by someone else as well. So it was doubling up. Sorry for wasting everyones time haha.