Backward Scheduling Start time resets to 12:00AM on Upgrade

When we run our database through the upgrade process from Epicor 10.1.500.14 to 10.2.400.13, we have discovered that all our MRP results start shifting by a day. Digging in, we realized that this field in Site Maintenance was reset to 12:00am instead of 11:59pm, which is how we have it set in Epicor 10.1.500 production database currently:

Is there somewhere in documentation where it would say why this happens, or would you expect this to be a bug and I should report it?

I loved this when it happened to us.

I thought about bringing it up to them, but never did. I wasn’t sure if it was just us or not… Maybe they should know about it.

Next we’re looking closer, but we suspect that - once again - Epicor 10.2.400.13 gets the order of operations wrong on a job when blowing through phantoms on a BOM during Get Details.


Do you think so? We use phantoms pretty frequently and we are testing 10.2.400.9 right now. I will check that out now that you said something. I don’t think our Engineers have done their testing yet. @jdewitt6029 @skhan

It happens in 10.2.400.9 as well :frowning: have you logged this with Epicor yet? @Noffie

Can someone tell us when this issue was introduced?

@Noffie has epicor said anything about the phantom BOM issue? Did you bring it up with them?

I did report it and the support rep was able to reproduce. I just heard back yesterday that Epicor Development has confirmed and it should be getting fixed in Epicor 10.2.600 at the very least. Supposedly a very good chance it will make it into a 10.2.400.xx patch as well - which is what we need.

I don’t know if this is like the old days where users could “pile on” an issue and get it more attention for Epicor, but I would appreciate that if this is still the case. The Epicor “Problem Number” they gave me was: PRB0217063

I’ll call in as well Adam.

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@Noffie Good info and glad you reported it.

I always wondered if my predecessor set that time as midnight or if it was a default. What an aha moment when I figured out about a year ago how ridiculous midnight is as a backwards start time. It made MRP make a little more sense when I changed it to 11 PM.


FYI @utaylor / @jdewitt6029 I started a new thread on the Phantom Operation ordering issue here:

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