Baffled - Job Hours Remaining

I am trying to create a BAQ that displays Est hours - Act Hours = Hours Remaining.

The JobOpDtl.ActProdHours is zero although job tracker shows values.

Scratching my head here. I tested a query with no criteria on the JobOpDtl table and none of the jobs had Actual Hours.

Thanks in advance. I also posted a support call.

I’m speaking from E10, but I see the same thig, all zeroes.

So, I do have values in JobOper, though…

Also, I’ve always summed over LaborDtl instead.

I pull this data from JobOper. I’ll post some more details of estimation hours in a min.


This populates for me from JobOpDtl. [EstProdHours] , [ProdStandard]

I have no data on ActProdHours though.


I would suggest getting information from the same fields used in JobTracker–> Labor Transaction