JobOper.ActProdHours field is not accurate - includes Est Hours?

Running Kinetic 2023.2 SaaS. I had someone notice that the Actual Production Hours that shows up in Job Tracker doesn’t match the associated Labor Detail. I created a BAQ that compares JobOper.ActProdHours to the sum of LaborDtl.BurdenHours for production activity (excludes setup). According to the data dictionary, that’s the value. I’ve got hundreds of operations that are OFF.

Epicor provides a "fix’ on their Rebuild Processes menu (Refresh JobOper Hours and Costs). When I run that fix, then rerun my BAQ, everything is gone. Meaning, all data is now how it should be.

The question: what is creating wrong numbers in JobOper.ActProdHours. On the BAQ I ran, I put some additional information in it, and I found two interesting things:

  1. We’ve got tons of resource groups, but like 95% of the issues are all with one resource group.
  2. In many cases, it appears the EstProdHours is having some impact. I’m seeing data, for example, where the ActProdHours is the sum of the LaborDtl PLUS the EstProdHours. I see other data where the ActProdHours is just the EstProdHours and seems to be ignoring the actual labor detail. Others where it’s just off for seemingly no pattern.

I checked the Resource Group/ID setup, assuming that might be a factor. I can’t find anything there. The fact this isn’t happening across the board makes me believe it’s more of a flag somewhere than a bug. Interesting, we’re multi-company and the second company has NO job operations where this is off.

Anyone see this type of behavior, or could point me to what the cause might be?