Baller Opportunity: Epicor 10 Techno Functional Analyst

We are a manufacturing company providing custom engineered process and electrical equipment for the energy industry, utility, and mission critical sectors, and are looking for a strong Epicor 10 Techno Functional Analyst based out of our Price, Ut facility…(there now we’ve got the boring part out let’s get down to the nitty gritty)

You::Why are you putting this spammy crap in the forum, if I wanted this $#!+ I’d cruise LinkedIn?

US: Sorry-not looking to waste your time. We’re just trying to make sure we come directly to where the talent is before we have to engage the schwarmy recruiters who’ll start contacting you on our behalf, probably misleading you about who we are, costing everybody a bunch of time and $.

You: Cool, so what are you looking for?

US: Somebody awesome…specifically deep knowledge of BPM’s, SSRS in E10. C#.Net. You’ve got the technical Epicor chops, but can smile and handle the beautiful humanity that is user support and the sometimes associated inane, dumb, and just downright puzzling. Here’s some more specifics if job descriptions/postings are your secret passion

You: Sounds fun, I like moving my family across the country based on random internet forum postings… wait a second where the F#$+ is Price, Utah…(searches, aww hell NO. Do they even have real beer in Utah?

US: Fair enough… hear us out though. Truth be told, you’re right on the beer. You have to buy it at a state run liquor store, it sucks, the bureaucracy is mind numbing, you get used to it. Now on to Price, Utah. (google search…crap never mind. Somebody put the most desolate dead main street photo possible as the Price, UT Wikipedia page…WTF!)…

Google image search instead… “The Wedge, San Rafeal Swell”, “Manti La Sal National Forest”, “9 Mile Canyon”. Pretty right! All that stuff is within a half hour to 45 minutes. Look, Price is any other rural small town in the west when it comes to amenities. It doesn’t have a Chipolte, or a 5 star restaurant, or a mall. You wanna go see the opera? Sorry, the local high school does a killer musical every few years though, and you’ve got Culture Connections every Thursday at the Peace Gardens on main street during the summer with some pretty strong local talent. Here’s the upshot though, all the culture, all the big city, all the shopping you might want; is just an hour drive away up in the Provo/Salt Lake City valley. Go take a weekend trip up north to see Hamilton, but then remember to breathe deeply in the smog, fight the traffic, and wonder why anybody would pay $400K for a 3 bedroom that is close enough to your neighbor to hear them fart loudly through the gap between your homes, while wondering if their delinquent kids are teaching yours how to crack the parental locks on their cell phones.

Price, Utah: For all it lacks in big city living, it more than makes up for in affordable housing. (sexy I know). But wait there’s more. Your commute will be no longer than 10-12 minutes max. You will actually know your neighbor’s name and there’s a at least a 60% chance that you’ll like them! You will have crisp clean air to breathe, a relatively comfortable climate, and most importantly if you’re into it, access to some of the best hunting, fishing, mountain biking, camping, and outdoor living in the nation. In ten minutes from town you can be on top of a beautiful mesa calculating Pi to the 34th digit, without a soul around for miles. Price, Utah is the Freedom that you were told about but never imagined really existed.

You: Beautiful! Magnificent! I can almost taste the near beer (3.2%) I’ve bought from the stop n shop because the liquor store was closed while I contemplate the vista of my dreams and breathe deeply knowing that my children are riding bikes in the cul de sac back home with my upstanding neighbor’s children as I revel in my increased happiness because I no longer have to contemplate everyday how my mortgage payment along with the rising cost of secondary education is slowly sapping my life force, forcing me to calculate the risk/rewards of buying the farm for the life insurance benefit of my children and partner. (dark…I know) Wait a second, who is this company I should work for?

US: 1st things 1st…our health insurance=awesome. Just in case that depressive episode was more than just humor. We are Intermountain Electronics, and we’ve been around for 30+ years. We have 4 manufacturing facilities nationwide, and have been continuously growing for years. We have goals to be a $500M company 2030 and we’re on track to get there as we continue to diversify into new markets. We’ve been on Epicor for 9+ years, but just switched to E10 v blah blah blah this Thanksgiving of 18’. We’ve got career growth opportunity, but also stability. (Only 1 layoff in our 30+ year history).

Look, we know we aren’t Miami. We aren’t Houston. Yet we are what we are, and we are proud! We won’t be a good option for everybody (in fact probably not many)…but…we are a GREAT option if you want a career with growth potential with a company that will know your name, in a town where you’ll know everybody else’s.

Seriously, you drive by towns like us all the time on your vacation, and you and your partner in a rare moment of quiet while your children are lost in their Ipads remark to each other, "Wow this place is beautiful, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could live here?..I know but a town like this will never have a company that needs an Epicor 10 badass like myself…it’s just a dream. Dammit Tommy, I said enough $%^# “Baby Shark”

The dream is real… Apply at the posting in the link above, or contact Alan Mackiewicz (

And ultimately if this isn’t you, but you know somebody it is, please share and play it forward. Much love—Intermountain Electronics.


Best job posting ever

Great Post will pass it along. Usually very difficult for some that have Communities, Homes, Parents, Friends and various other things already established.

But if you ever relocate your company to the Midwest… I know a guy. :sunglasses:

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Great post!, A question I know is going to be brought up

  1. DO you HAVE to move to Utah? Remote is awesome best of both worlds, great talent from anywhere in the world without having to you know… move to Utah (cough) beautiful views and all . Also you said you have 4 plants across the country so maybe can someone work out of your… Miami Beach plant?

Just a thought!, all joking aside I have been in the Epicor world for a long time and there is talent available, however relocation is always a huge deal. My employer had their heart set on relocation but they were nice enough to be accommodating to my needs and my family and sure I travel there as needed, but I’m sitting here in Florida in 50 degree weather looking out the window, and killing it for them :slight_smile: so maybe give it some thought :wink:

It’s really not so bad, and or zoom make for awesome virtual office space


I agree. Usually when you travel and spend times with a company, you learn the town and the people. You might relocate 1-3yrs later. But usually just out of the gate with a family and children who have school and friends - is difficult sell… Unless its like 375K salary :slight_smile: and a key position to lead a plant, not just be an analyst.

I work in the middle of no-where. If I had to relocate today, after spending 2yrs in the middle of no-where. I would be okay with it now. People know me there, I know people, I have friends, I know the stores and the restaurants.

I know which Police officer will give me a ticket and which one wont. Usually this type of haircut is Garuanteed Ticket.

But Most Importantly! You find out if the Company is truly a fit, what if you relocate and 6mo later you simply don’t like Joe the Supervisor who doesnt understand code and nit-picks everything and constantly uses the phrase “Back in my days when FORTRAN was around we did it this way” and Joe is the CEO’s Son in Law… What If the Company doesn’t like you. What if. :slight_smile:


Now if only you had mentioned they have a college near-by with an opening for an Evolutionary Ecologist…

Everyone running to LinkedIn to add ETFA* to their skills?

Mark W.

  • E10 Techo Functional Analyst
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This is an awesome post. I just moved to Salt Lake City from Denver for an Epicor analyst position. SLC isnt that bad…its like mini Denver.

Yeah the stupid state ran liq stores are annoying, but there are lots of great bars downtown. The 1 shot only in your drink rule is puzzling as well. It is changing tho.

At least we get drinks at work!!! Sometimes. Hahaha the tequilla was flowing this past weekend as we upgraded to 10.2.300 :wink:

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Are you even permitted to use the word “baller” in Utah? :rofl:

Best job posting I’ve ever seen, though! Good luck… Price… wow. :sunglasses:


Thanks you for the smile and a laugh mid-day here. Awesome Awesome Job Posting.

Hey Mark, we do have Utah State University Eastern in town, and we’ve got some close ties with the chancellors (maybe we can make something happen :wink:)…


you guys have been on Epicor a while…i recall meeting a bunch of guys who worked there years ago at Insights… Like the other’s mentioned, open up to remote with travel and your candidate pool will increase immensely. Awesome post! Best job read I’ve had in a while haha.

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Hey Jose,

You absolutely have valid points. Right now we’re holding out with the goal of building a team together in one place cause we’ve had some tough experiences in the past with remote options, but who is to say that things might not change in the future. Thanks for the kind words on the posting, we’ll hope lightning some how strikes, and then regroup if we have to. Have a great afternoon!

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I sent your post to my wife (the Biology Professor) and she loves the West. Our daughter was in Missoula, MT for a year and may very well return. Just found out our son may go to University of British Columbia. We’re big Yellowstone fans too. Ah, the Tetons. One of the most serene places on earth. But alas, no jobs at USUE… I sent her your post. Her reply:

Lol, not a bad place to live though.


Tons of National Parks in the Price area too @Mark_Wonsil. I used to have relatives who lived in Price, and East Carbon, and would visit them often in the summers. Growing up along the Wasatch, it was a nice change of pace to get out there.

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Awesome post. I’m in the “remote” camp too though. I would not relocate, I love where I live and it is hard to imagine anything better. Everything that I do can be done from any location.

Side note, I did look up your company and found your website. If you’re looking to recruit the best talent, please have someone update your webpage to replace the flash with an image or some HTML5 that works in modern browsers. As silly as it sounds, the fact that Flash is right there on the homepage might scare off some people, it kind of suggests you’re painfully behind the times. You don’t want that as their first impression.