BAQ and Dashboard Training

Hello All,
I want to immerse myself in learning how to create, manipulate and publish BAQs and Dashboards. I just finished the year long project to get Epicor installed and now I want to specialize in these areas.

Where can I get good training/online or classes to learn all I can. I’ve messed around with BAQ but I want to do better.

You all have been very helpful in the past on other issues, I hope you can provide some guidance.

Best and be well

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Do you have the Epicor Education module? there are some good workshops in there to get you started.

Jill I have a word document I wrote that may help you get started. It was written for E9 so it does not get into topics such as sub-queries but should help with the basics. If you send me your email I can send it to you

I do

Lots of webinars for free on here.

Many thanks!

Many thanks

You ever used it ?
If not.
Click on help


then Education Courses


These are the courses that will get you started.
They are in the Tools section.

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thank you