New to Epicor 10 - Looking for Training on BAQ

I am looking for beginner-level training for creating a BAQ. I’ve made some progress, but need to go to the next level to get the reports I need. I hope someone can steer me in the right direction.

Hi Lori,
I’d really recommend taking a BAQ Class through Epicor University (not sure it’s called that anymore, but the classes that you can purchase through Epicor). In addition to reading the documentation, these give you a nice hands-on approach and the ability to dialog with great teachers.
If you have specific questions, this forum is great at answering but if you’re looking for a solid introduction, I’d recommend the classes.

@Yodelayheewho If you don’t not have it then I would start with the ICE Tools guide for your version from EpicWeb. I would watch all of the free things on the Epicor learning center. Epicor Learning Center move on to Epicor University or go to Insights.

besides what is mentioned above, normally during Insights there will be Extended Education classes that may teach you some techniques that are not covered in normal education. You can also gain access to developers and other smart users from here on this forum.

Thank you all for responding. I will look into your recommendations!