BAQ: Calculated Field Concatenate Rows to single field

I’m still getting the same error when trying to use a CTE:

Errors in subqueries definition
Subquery CustomerAttributes can contain Order By clause only in CTE or inner subquery group and with TOP or OFFSET clause specified for it. To sort overall query results specify sorting in TopLevel subquery

Can you see if this EpicCare article is helpful for you?
KB0039364 - Turn Multiple Row Values from a Query into a Comma Separated List

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I’m in need of some assistance. I have the attached BAQ combining the QuoteDtl.QuoteNum with the QuoteDtl.PartNum and QuoteDtl.LineDesc of each line on the quote. The part I’m looking for help with is that we want to combine ALL quotes/lines across the last 7 days for each CustCnt.EMailAddress. If anyone can provide help with how I can bump this up to the next level, I would greatly appreciate it.
CombineAllQuotes4EachEmailLast7Days.baq (46.3 KB)