BAQ Calculated Field Error

I have a BAQ/Dashboard that was created in Epicor 9 and converted by Epicor during out conversion pass. Eventually a few options changed between E9 to E10.

Here is the Error message:

Here is the calculated field I have it set to format as Date (not date time)

Here is my dashboard customization

It is almost like it doesn’t like the difference between the BAQ using the Date format and the Dasboard using the DateTime; but there is not just a date option for customizaton. (It works in E9). If I change the BAQ to the date time format it show the time on the Dashboard…I just want a date. I wish Epicor didn’t make date time all one field.

Was that control from the Dashboard Tracker View Properties? Or did you add it via customization?

I added it as a Customization; because I needed a range. Maybe I will try removing the range and adding it via tracker properties.

If you need a range, add a calculated field to the back - which is just a duplicate of the date field you want to filter on.

Then in the dashboard, hide the dupe date from displaying, but add it to the tracker

DateFld >=
CalcDateFld <=

Sorry but not following. I also thought if you wanted to use the same field ie date range you have to do it via customization mode not through setting up the tracker.

The calculated field would have the same value as the field you want to filter on.

The two filters in the tracker would effectively be on the same value. But since you can only have one comparison per field, you need to filter one field (say the original field ) as “greater than”, and filter the other (the calculated field) as “less than”

Imagine a dashboard that shows PO header info, with OrderDate as a field you want to be able to filter on - providing an upper and lower limit as a range.

The BAQ woukd display OrderDate, and a calculated field named calc_OrdDate. The formula for calc_OrdDate = OrderDate.

In the dashboard make calc_OrderDate hidden in the grid display
Add a tracker with OrderDate and calc_OrdDate as filters. OrderDate being >=, and calc_OrdDate being <=.

Edit: corrected many errant auto-corrections (yes I wanted “OrderDate”, not “Orders are”)

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THANK YOU. I didn’t think about doing it that way. Looks like it worked…waiting for user to test.