BAQ change owning company

I have a BAQ created in a different company. The BAQ was exported and then deleted from the company that created it. When I import to this other company, the owning company keeps going back the original. Any ideas how I can have it in the company I import the BAQ into?

I’ll start with saying, that it shouldn’t be doing that… I import BAQ’s from other companies and it changes it to my own, so there must be something weird going on.

But that being said:

If you change the .baq file to .zip, you can open up the contents. They are just XML files. You can open them using notepad. I would guess that you can do a find and replace of the old company to the new company anywhere in those files, and it should fix your problem.


I’ve never actually done this, and as per all hacks like this, make sure you try it in a test system before you touch anything in production.

Create a Solution in the original company

Delete the BAQ form the Original Company

Then install the solution in the second company and check the “Target Current Company” only checkbox.

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Thanks. Yeah I had copied BAQs from other company to the owning company with no issues. Will try both your solutions.